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Video buddy app 2023 for android

Video Buddy App: It is One of the finest apps on the internet to watch online videos, and TV Shows & Download Latest Movies. You can Download Facebook videos, youtube videos, Instagram videos & many other social media platforms videos directly. Also, you can watch Online TV shows through this App.

Video Buddy App is basically made for Indian audiences, so you can easily get your favourite Bollywood movies and TV shows. If you consume various types of Videos then this will be the most perfect platform for you. In this 21 century, everyone loves to watch Web Series. So if you do not want to purchase an OTT platform subscription then you should download this to fulfil your watchlist.

Know About Video Buddy App

This App(VideoBuddy Download) supplies all types of content like TV shows and movies of India and Hindi/Urdu Content from outside of India. So you can get different tastes in Movies and Series. We all know that we can not download Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & other social media videos into our Phone Memory. But now you can get these videos very easily by using this free app. 

You can get various types of serials, Series & movies free of cost. So why are you waiting to Click On the Download Link and Enjoy Various Contents?

VideoBuddy Apk is only for Android users. So if you are an Android user then you can use this very easily.

File Information

App NameVideo Buddy Download
Latest Versionv1.50
Supported PlatformsAndroid 4.0 +
File Size25 MB
PriceFree APK
Downloads1.2 Million +

|| Features Of Video Buddy Apk ||

1. Download Movies

This is the most amazing feature of this VideoBuddy app. You can easily Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood in Hindi Dubbed, Kollywood, Tollywood, Marathi, Gujarati & many more various regional languages movies. If you do not have space in your mobile memory then do not worry you can Watch these movies, serials, and Series directly online. You can get the latest movies and series very fast in the VideoBuddy App.

2. Web Series

Another great feature of video buddy is you can watch or Download Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Tamil language web series free of cost. So you don’t need to pay anything to watch these web series. Now you are able to watch your favourite series without getting a premium subscription to OTT platforms.

3. Watch Cricket

If you are a cricket fan then this app is perfect for you. We all know in India or Pakistan fans take Cricket as another religion. Cricket in our veins. So if you are unable to pay a good amount to watch your favourite team match then do not worry just download this app and enjoy your favourite match. If you are an employee and you don’t have time to watch cricket on TV & you want to watch your favourite match on your smartphone free of cost then my friend this is the right app to install.

4. Status Videos

In today’s age, we all use WhatsApp statuses, Facebook statuses, and video statuses on various social media platforms. We have to find all those videos from various websites with great difficulty which is very time-consuming things. Due to this, we cannot express our happiness with our friends and acquaintances through any particular video. To eliminate that problem VideoBuddy comes with a fantastic feature. From this app, you can download various types of statuses in form of videos very quickly. Enjoy your lifestyle with Romantic, Sad, Funny & many more types of statuses.

5. TV Shows

I have already said at first of this article that this app(VideoBuddy) is basically for Indian and Pakistani audiences, so if you are from India or Pakistan then you can enjoy your favourite TV shows free of cost. This app even recommends some TV shows based on your interest just like other paid OTT platforms. 

6. Earn Money

Another amazingly cool feature of the Video Buddy app is that you are not only using this great app, but you are also earning through this app. You can easily transfer this amount to your bank account or Paytm wallet. I strongly insist you use the Video Buddy app for your enjoyment and a side income.

7. Free Entertainment

Every content that you will get from the Video Buddy apk is totally free.

Video Buddy mod apk will not take even a little bit of charge to use these contents. Also, there is no trail pack so don’t worry about using these contents. You will get the same content on one platform instead of paying a high amount to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar or any other OTT platforms. This is an amazing apk for entertainment with saving money.

8. No Ads

We have already told you that you don’t have to pay anything to use Video Buddy apk. I know now you are thinking that there will be a lot of ads like YouTube to use these contents. Don’t worry my friends this video buddy apk uses the AdBlock feature. Any types of ads like Banners, Pop-ups or any other irritating ads are completely blocked by Video Buddy Movie App. You can enjoy your shows without facing any obstacles.

9. Fast Download

This Video Buddy Apk is faster than any other downloader app. You can easily download your favourite content without any type of lag. Also, this apk will not heat your phone cause this is a very lightweight video streaming apk.

10. Other Amazing Features

Some modern features like Zoom in, Zoom out, 10 sec forward, 10 sec backwards, increase or decrease video speed, and Video info is present in this video buddy apk. So don’t think twice just click on the Video Buddy Apk Download.

DownLoad Video Buddy Apk

ScreenShots buddy video app:

video buddy apps
Videobuddyapp ss2
Video Buddy App
Videobuddyapp ss3
video buddy movie app
Videobuddy app ss4
Video Buddy App
Videobuddy app ss5
Video Buddy Apk Download

How to download movies in Video Buddy Movie App?

You will have to open the Video Buddy app first, then you are able to search on the search bar which is at the top of the app or you can follow these steps which are given below

  • First, you have to choose your movie category which is given on the Homepage.
  • Then you can browse a lot of movies by filters of genres, languages, release dates etc.
  • After selecting the movie click on the “Play” or “Download” button & enjoy your movie.

How To Install Videobuddy App on Android?

There are some easy steps to install this great app(Video Buddy). Do not worry about how you can install this app, just follow this step that’s given below with image coordination.

  • Download the VideoBuddy app from our website & don’t forget to download the latest version of this app.
  • Just click on the Download button.
  • Wait until completing the download.
  • Open the video buddy app.
  • If your screen shows to enable the “Unknown Sources”, then go to setting—> Security —>Unknown Sources
  • Turn on unknown sources.
  • Then back and click on the install button.
  • Wait until the installation is completed.
  • Now you can see the home button of this App.
  • Hurrah! Now you can enjoy all the features of this Video Buddy App.

Video Buddy Lite Apk

“VideoBuddy Lite” is likely a streamlined version of the VideoBuddy app, designed for users with limited storage or processing power on their devices. It probably offers basic video streaming functionality, a simplified user interface, reduced system resource usage, and a smaller app size compared to the full version. While it might provide core features like video streaming, offline viewing, and possibly limited ads, it aims to provide an efficient and lightweight video streaming experience for users with older or less powerful devices. If you are using a low-budget smartphone or if you are facing a memory space problem on your smartphone then do not worry about that you can download & use a lighter version of this Video Buddy lite app. It will take up just a small space in your phone. So that you can use this app with other apps simultaneously. Do not worry about where you can find this Lite version of the Video Buddy app. Just click on the Video Buddy Lite Apk Button to download it directly to your phone. To Download VideoBuddy Lite Click Here.

Video Buddy For PC:

Now you can also use this Video Buddy apk on your PC. Click On The Button Video Buddy PC”.

My friend, are you searching for a video downloader that you can use on your PC? Then you are at the right spot, this article will be very helpful to you. You can easily use Video Buddy without thinking of security. This app is very trusted. Till now no one has faced any security issues after using this Video Buddy. To Download Video Buddy PC Click Here.

Install Video Buddy on PC:

  • First, you will have to download any trusted emulator on your PC like NoxPlayer or Bluestacks.
  • Then open the emulator that you have downloaded already.
  • Click on the search box and search Video Buddy & click on Install. It may take some time.
  • After finishing the installation you can enjoy your favourite video

Video Buddy Vs Other Video Apps

Variety in Content: Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video prioritize licensed films, TV shows, and original programming. By combining user-generated videos, licensed content, and possibly even content from different sources, “VideoBuddy” may stand out from similar services.

User-Generated Content: In contrast to conventional streaming services, “VideoBuddy” might let users upload and share their own videos, promoting a sense of community and creativity.

Downloading videos: You can download videos from some streaming apps so you can watch them later without an internet connection. If “VideoBuddy” provides this functionality, it might set itself apart from competitors by offering different downloadable content or making it simpler to access offline content.

Monetization: If “VideoBuddy” uses user-generated content, it may give content producers the opportunity to make money from views, ads, or other monetization techniques.

To read the full article Click Here.

How Videobuddy Apk helped movie lovers?

“VideoBuddy” has the potential to be a boon for movie enthusiasts, offering them a host of advantages that can enrich their movie-watching journey:

Firstly, the app might serve up a delightful smorgasbord of movies, ranging from the latest blockbusters to hidden gems, ensuring there’s something for every palate. This means that whether you’re into mainstream hits or indie treasures, you’ll likely find content that tickles your cinematic fancies.

And if the app supports offline viewing, you could relish your chosen flicks even when you’re off the grid, making long commutes or remote vacations infinitely more enjoyable.

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Videobuddy vs videobuddy lite

  • Features and Functionality:
  1. “VideoBuddy”: The  “VideoBuddy” apk has a variety of features, such as video streaming, downloads, social interaction, recommendations, and many more.
  2. “VideoBuddy Lite”: This version could provide a pared-down set of features, focusing on core functionalities like basic video streaming and downloading. It might exclude advanced features such as user-generated content, complex recommendations, or sophisticated editing tools.
  • User Interface and Design:
    • “VideoBuddy”: The full version might have a feature-rich and potentially more intricate user interface, designed to accommodate a broader range of functionalities.
    • “VideoBuddy Lite”: The lite version could opt for a simpler and more user-friendly interface, aiming to provide an uncomplicated experience for users who prioritize essential functions.
  • Resource Efficiency:
    • “VideoBuddy”: The main app might be designed to work optimally on devices with more storage space, processing power, and memory.
    • “VideoBuddy Lite”: The lite version could be optimized for devices with limited resources, such as older smartphones or devices with lower specifications.

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Videobuddy Vs Videobuddy PC

  • Platform Compatibility:
    • “VideoBuddy”: This version of the app is likely designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, operating on platforms like Android or iOS.
    • “VideoBuddy PC”: This version is specifically tailored for desktop and laptop computers, ensuring compatibility with Windows, macOS, or other PC operating systems.
  • User Interface:
    • “VideoBuddy”: The mobile version might have a user interface optimized for touchscreens, offering easy navigation using gestures and taps.
    • “VideoBuddy PC”: The PC version could feature a user interface tailored for mouse and keyboard interactions, taking advantage of the larger screen real estate.
  • Screen Size and Experience:
    • “VideoBuddy”: Mobile devices have smaller screens, which can be great for on-the-go viewing but might not provide the immersive experience of a larger display.
    • “VideoBuddy PC”: With the PC version, users can enjoy a more immersive movie-watching experience on larger screens, making it suitable for home entertainment.

To read the full article Click Here.

FAQ of VideoBuddy App:

Is VideoBuddy safe for Use?

Yes it is absolutely safe for your device. But you have to download from this website (videobuddy.com). Otherwise you may face some unknown technical problem.

Is VideoBuddy available on Play Store?

No due to some policy violation issue, currently it is not present in the play store.

What is the advantage of Video Buddy App?

Through this amazing app you can enjoy your free time with your favourite Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Serial and many more contents in your regional language at free of cost.

Where Will I get a Video Buddy app?

You can simply visit our Website and Download it directly by clicking on the “Download VideoBuddy” button.

Currently what is the latest version of this VideoBuddy app?

If you download it now, then you will get version v1.37. Bookmark our website for a future updated version of Video Buddy Apk.


Hope you have already downloaded the latest version of the Video Buddy app from our website. I think I have cleared all the doubts regarding this App. If you still have any questions about this app then feel free to ask me in the comment section below. I will surely solve your problem quickly.

So do not waste your precious time searching for a good app for refreshments. Just download it from our Website and enjoy limitless content with stunning Movies, serials, Web Series, and many more. 

Guys If you like our website then do not forget to suggest your friends and family use this website. 

Thank you all of you for visiting our unique website and stay tuned always for future updates of the Video Buddy app.

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